Cagla Baybura is a visual artist. Her projects are as varied as her toolset. She uses technology in wanton ways. She looks at the human story with a critical eye. She listens with a learned ear. She speaks the languages of Dada, Psychogeography, activism, and sarcasm. One of Cagla’s strengths is in her lack of a traditional path to expression. A status quo does not exist where her art meets it’s audiences. Such freedom allows her the potential to make a noticeable impact on the burgeoning Turkish art landscape. Natively born, raised, and educated in Istanbul, her voice is likely to be a unique one within Turkiye’s art scene.


Cagla has recently gathered a pool of talent and has started work on a quarterly magazine promising a heavy concentration on its visual language and layout concepts. A nod to David Carson’s groundbreaking Raygun Magazine (1) (2) from the 90′s and the use of space and shape of contemporary fine artist Erol Akyavas (1) (2).